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Avoid Cavities With These Tips From Your Seattle Dentist

Remember dental checkups when you were younger? The only thing that mattered was finding out “Do I have any cavities?”  As we get older, life gets more complicated. We stop thinking about cavities and start thinking about everything else.

Even though we have other things to think about, cavity prevention is still vital to a healthy mouth, which translates to a healthier body overall.

A cavity isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Bacteria in your mouth produce acids that literally eat away at the tooth, causing tooth decay. If left untreated, it can lead to infection and tooth loss.

You already know brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and keeping up with regular dental checkups is standard cavity prevention.

Cavity Tips from Seattle Dentist Dr. Curalli

In addition to brushing, flossing and seeing Seattle dentist Dr. Curalli at least twice a year, here are six simple things you can do to help lower your risk for tooth decay:

  • Rinse between meals: Even if you can’t brush, rinse your mouth with water after eating.
  • Use a straw: Carbonated drinks weaken enamel (the hard, protective outer layer of your tooth). Using a straw helps keep the drink away from your teeth.
  • Avoid sticky foods: That candy bar might taste delicious, but the gooey goodness sticks to your teeth longer, increasing your risk for tooth decay.
  • Avoid acidic foods: Acids in foods and drinks weaken tooth enamel for up to an hour after you eat them.
  • Chew sugar-free gum: Chewing gum (especially if it contains xylitol) increases saliva, which helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Drink more water: Water promotes saliva production and helps remove food particles.

These tips are universal, but if you have specific concerns, Dr. Curalli can provide personal tips and information to help you avoid tooth decay and cavities. If it’s time for a checkup, call us at (206) 784-6310 to schedule your appointment in our convenient Ballard location!

15 comments on “Avoid Cavities With These Tips From Your Seattle Dentist”
  1. Penelope Smith

    Cavities tend to run in my family. I liked that you pointed out that using a straw will help protect my enamel. That is good for me to know because I don’t want to stop drinking soda but I also don’t want my smile to get damaged.

  2. Mark Murphy

    I never knew that acidic foods can actually weaken your teeth enamel! My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new dentist for my daughter, and we want her teeth to be well taken care of. I will be sure to tell my daughter that she should avoid acidic foods!

  3. Camille Devaux

    The other day, my childhood best friend moved into a new area. She is really nervous about being so far away from her dentist. I think that she would benefit for looking for a new one and keeping on top of her dental health by drinking more water.

  4. Michael Lee

    In general, I am not very good at drinking enough water. I always forget to drink until dinnertime. I have been worried about getting cavities and this is great advice from a general dentistry on how to avoid cavities.

  5. Caden Dahl

    I have never taken good care of my teeth. I’m sure that if I were to go to a dentist, they would have some good insight as to what I could do. Perhaps brushing more would help along with flossing. That would probably help prevent cavities.

  6. prabhu

    Thanks for sharing this excellent blog. Keep blogging!!!

  7. Michael Lee

    I have been thinking about trying to prevent cavities in my mouth. Last time I was at the dentist, he recommended that I drink more water so it is interesting that it is on your list also. I did not know that saliva removes food particles.

  8. Angela Waterford

    I think I’ve been avoiding acidic foods and I’ve had minimal cavities so far. Thanks for the advice that I should also drink more water in order to avoid cavities. I’ll make sure to visit a dentist so that I can get personal tips from them to take care of my teeth better.

  9. Clearbrook Advanced Dental Care

    Thank you for the information.

  10. americaredental

    I thought I was strong with my ideas on this, but with your writing expertise, you have managed to convert my beliefs to your new ideas.

  11. monika

    Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative knowledge with us. Cavities are decayed areas of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. The three types of cavities are shown here. Smooth surface cavities occur on the smooth sides of your teeth, while root cavities develop on the surface over the roots. Pit and fissure cavities occur on the chewing surface of your teeth.

  12. monika

    Thank you for sharing such a nice and informative blog and your knowledge with us.

  13. americaredental

    So this is what happens when a writer does the homework needed to write quality material. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful content.

  14. rachel frampton

    I’ve been experiencing pain on my tooth. I never knew that acidic and sticky foods can affect the teeth. I wasn’t able to avoid these things, so I guess it’s best if I’ll just look for a dental service that can attend to my oral needs.

  15. smith patterson

    Routine professional cleanings and exams are a great way to maintain excellent oral health. Your dental hygienist can clean areas of your mouth that you can’t reach with your toothbrush or even with floss. We can check for early signs of tooth decay and take prompt action. What’s more, we can recommend specific preventive treatments if you are particularly prone to cavities. These include in-office fluoride treatments and dental sealants, both of which are quick, easy and effective procedures. best if you check

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