Interested in Dental Implants? Hear This Patient’s Story!

Before and after dental implants photos
Before and after photos of dental implants by dentist at Smile Ballard in Seattle, WA

Today, we have the honor of featuring a real patient’s dental implants before-and-after case.

You’ll learn about his smile journey, including how we made dental implants affordable for him.

Why he needed dental implants

Like most people with missing teeth:

Our patient wasn’t happy with his inability to chew food comfortably or effectively. And over time, his teeth suffered damage from excessive force.

He also didn’t love the appearance of his smile.

The solution to replace his missing teeth:

He came to Dr. Dominick Curalli for a restorative dentistry consultation.

After a thorough exam, our Ballard dentist recommended dental implants to restore his smile.

But he wasn’t initially sold.

You see:

This patient had some reservations about tooth implants, including:

  • Cost
  • Number of appointments
  • Surgeries

Let’s break it down more…

The cost of dental implants

This patient was concerned about being able to afford multiple dental implants.

At Smile Ballard, we understand money is a large reason why you might avoid or delay dental care, which can, in turn, cost you more down the road and do more harm to your smile and oral health. That’s why we offer adjustable treatment plans.

In this case:

We phased out each stage of his treatments to coincide with his dental insurance benefit renewals and when he’d be able to make payments.

That way, he maximized his dental insurance and saved more money!

You can explore all our financial options on our Patient Resources page.

Number of appointment and surgeries for dental implants

Typically dental implants require a minimum of three appointments, which can be hard if you work, go to school, have children, etc.

This patient needed an additional appointment for an additional procedure (hence his concern about the cost).

Why did he need it?

To be a candidate for dental implants, you need ample, quality bone structure to support an implant post. He didn’t have that.

To fix this, our patient needed a bone graft procedure, which helps regenerates bone growth. Once successfully healed, he was eligible for the implant surgery.

How’d we make it worth the time?

When done right, dental implants can last for a really long time – 10+ years for the crown and a lifetime for the implant post.

So, to help ensure you get the most out of your time and money, Dr. Curalli partners with expert dental professionals.

He’ll refer you to a local periodontist or oral surgeon to place your implant (they have specialized training on this).

Then to create your crown, he’ll use 3D technology to design your crown with our preferred lab.

This patient saw the value of trusting Dr. Curalli and his expert team to provide the best dental implant outcome.

The end result:

Now, this patient has a fully restored smile!

He can eat his favorite foods again – without pain.

The implant post will preserve bone structure and prevent additional bone loss. This keeps his surrounding teeth in place and gives him a supported facial structure to prevent premature aging.

His new teeth make his smile look complete again, giving him a healthier and more handsome appearance.

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