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Invisalign Will Help You Find Your Best Smile!

Invisalign helps people find their best smile.

We all want the best! Invisalign® has become one of the most sought after ways to straighten teeth and help people find their best smile.

Why do so many choose Invisalign® treatment? How long does treatment take? How much will it cost? These and other questions are answered in our blog post. Read on to the find the answers to your questions about Invisalign® and to hear how it helped Dr. Curalli’s mom to find a smile she loves!

Why Invisalign®?

There are a number of reasons why people choose Invisalign® over other orthodontic treatments. Invisalign is a tried and proven way for patients of all ages to straighten teeth by gently moving teeth into the correct position by means of a series of graduated aligner trays.  Here are the three most common reasons why our patients love this orthodontic option:

  • Convenience: Invisalign® aligners are often called invisible braces because there are no metal brackets or wires. The biggest plus though is that they are removable. You can take out your aligners for special occasions, to enjoy eating a meal, and for brushing and flossing.
  • Comfortable: No more pokey wires and cumbersome metal brackets. The aligners are smooth plastic, making your treatment ultra comfortable.
  • More Confidence: You’ll quickly start noticing the results with Invisalign® – you’ll be smiling more confidently before even completing your treatment! Since the aligners are clear, people may not even be aware you’re wearing them!

Dr. Curalli’s Mom and Invisalign®

Dr. Curalli recommended  Invisalign® for his own mother. When we say we only offer treatments we would use for our own family we mean it!

Here is her story:

“My Mom’s case started with a comprehensive examination to determine her chief complaint of worn front teeth and discuss how they had gotten so worn in the first place.  We determined that the angulation of her front teeth was too steep causing years of excessive forces along with sore jaw muscles since she was working so hard to move around the abrupt angulation.

Prior to restoring the teeth to the original form, I wanted to reposition them to provide a gentler, healthier angle that would make her bite more comfortable and require less effort from her jaw muscles to function around.  In addition to this, the backs of the teeth were so worn down that I wanted to create space behind them to be able to add material to them in the final crowns rather than shave more off.

We moved her teeth to the new position over 6 months using Invisalign® clear aligner orthodontics.  During this process, we also straightened the lower teeth as well.  After just 6 weeks of treatment, my Mom began to notice that her back teeth were touching more as her front teeth moved out of the way, and she was really pleased that she no longer woke up with soreness in her jaw muscles.  During Invisalign® treatment she also used whitening gel in her aligners to brighten up her teeth.

Once the Invisalign process was complete and the teeth positioned where they needed to be, we were able take records of her bite and attach models of her teeth to an articulator so that I could study the relationship of her teeth to her jaw joints and create wax teeth that would function in harmony with her bite and joints.  She had the chance to see and approve the contours of the wax teeth I created on the models before proceeding to the last step.

Before and after photos of Invisalign treatment of Dr. Curalli's mom.

In the final step, I was able to conservatively prepare the two front teeth for 3/4 crowns and the lateral incisors for veneers.  I made temporary restorations for her to wear at this time that were copied from the diagnostic wax-up she had approved.  She wore the temps for 6 weeks so she could decide for certain that she liked the way they looked and that they functioned and felt good.

Using our models, records, and a lot of photos, I was able to communicate to my dental ceramist the final result that Mom was hoping for and he created some beautiful restorations that turned out to be exactly what she was hoping for!”

“Now I get a big hug and a thank-you each time I see my mom. I always thought my Mom to be beautiful, but after we finished the case I see her smiling bigger and more often and I know she is much more confident and proud to show it off!” – Dr. Curalli

Questions and Answers About Invisalign®

How much will Invisalign® cost? Generally,  the cost of Invisalign® treatment is comparable to treatment with traditional braces. So treatment could range from $3,000 – $8,000, but only Dr. Curalli will be able to determine an exact price because treatment varies from patient to patient.  Your dental insurance may cover Invisalign® just as it does other orthodontic treatments. We’ll be happy to work with and find the best method for covering the cost with the least hassle to you.

How often will I need to visit Dr. Curalli for treatment? In the beginning, we’ll schedule regular appointments every four to six weeks to check on your progress. These appointments usually only take a few minutes and we can schedule at a time of day that works with your busy schedule!

How long does Invisalign® treatment take? The length of treatment varies from patient to patient, but the average adult case takes about 12 months.

Can I also whiten my teeth safely while undergoing this treatment? Yes! We recommend professional whitening to achieve the best results. Our team can arrange your in-office whitening to take place during one of your Invisalign® appointments. It couldn’t get any easier or convenient!

What Can You Expect During An Invisalign Consultation

What you can expect during the Invisalign process with Dr. Curalli.

The Big Question: Will Invisalign Work For You?

It’s true that Invisalign® is not the right option for all orthodontic cases. So how can you tell if it’s the right choice for you? Well, you can take this no-cost self-evaluation or schedule a no-obligation Invisalign® consultation with Smile Ballard. We’ll be happy to help you find your best smile!

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