Smile Ballard Staff

If you are a patient with us, you most-likely know that our front office staff takes care of scheduling, our hygienists help maintain your oral-health and clean your teeth, the assistants work with the dentist, and of course the dentist is the main man who you see at every visit.  With all that being said, you might not really know what our staff does on a day-to-day basis.

Starting with our “navigation system” a.k.a. the front office staff.  They ensure that your insurance information is up to date and correct, make sure appointments are scheduled correctly and efficiently. While their days are filled with non-stop questions, phone call and emails they still make time diligently to work with insurance companies to make sure you are getting the most coverage possible.

Next up on our list is our awesome hygienists.  The hygienists are some of our most knowledgeable and educated next to the doctor.  They are trained to help maintain your overall oral-health and make sure you are as healthy as possible. Did you know that your oral-health is directly connected to major organs like your heart and your brain? Their dental hygiene diagnosis during your appointment help them decipher what type of cleaning you might need. Hygienists also inform the doctor of any problem areas to look out for during their exam.  The hygienist are not only trained to perform cleanings, but also to administer anesthetic, place restorations and much more.

We also have our amazing assistants.  They spend most of their day assisting the doctor during restorative procedures.  When they are not helping the doctor, they are charting for hygienists, taking x-rays, maintaining the safety of our instruments, ensuring our sterilizer is running efficiently, and making sure our office is well stocked.  The assistants are the eyes and ears to the doctor and keep him on track and everything running smoothly.

Last but certainly not least, is our magnificent dentist! Dr. Curalli is usually on the move from room to room performing oral cancer screenings, diagnosing decay and other oral cavity symptoms.  He also performs restorative dentistry like fillings, crowns, root-canals and many other procedures throughout the day.  Dr. Curalli enjoys helping our patients maintain their overall health and getting to know them more each time they come in.


Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our staff and what we do everyday.


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