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Understanding At-Home Sleep Studies With Smile Ballard

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Feeling tired in the daytime is nothing unusual. But constant fatigue could be a sign of health issues.

A lack of energy or concentration could cause problems in any situation and be dangerous.

Being able to identify the cause and possible cure is priceless.

The Smile Ballard at-home sleep test provides the results with an affordable test and professional analysis.

If you suffer from:

  • Daily fatigue or tiredness

  • A lack of concentration

  • Bruxism (grinding the teeth)

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Affordable At-Home Sleep Test in Seattle, WA

Care, support, and home test for an incredible offer!

Affordable Service

$115 rental fee covers two nights for the sleep test machine and the results from a professional sleep doctor.

Full Equipment Provided

The test consists of a machine, a chest belt, a nasal cannula, a pulse oximeter (index finger), and an EEG lead.

Care and Support

From the initial consultation to the test and results, Dr. CuralliThis link leads to Dr. Curalli's page and the Smile Ballard team are here to support you.

Top Reasons For Smile Ballard's Home Sleep Test

Benefits to transform your sleep and energize your days.

Personal Comfort

Experience the study at home, where you're most at ease, ensuring accurate results.

Expert Assessments

Dr. Dominick Curalli will provide an initial assessment, and a professional sleep doctor will interpret your data, providing precise insights.

Affordable Excellence

Smile Ballard offers this service at a flat rate of $115, ensuring affordable sleep solutions.

The Smile Ballard Difference in Sleep Solutions

Trust your sleep to Seattle's finest with a home sleep test.

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The Sleep Apnea Home Test offered by Smile Ballard is a convenient diagnostic solution for sleep issues.

You’ll receive a comprehensive kit to conduct the study in the comfort of your own bed.

The process involves simple steps guided by user-friendly instructions. A professional sleep doctor analyzes the results.

Smile Ballard’s commitment to personalized care, the convenience of at-home testing, and the assurance of a renowned sleep specialist make us a trusted choice for diagnosing sleep apnea.

Dr. Curalli and the dental team here at Smile BallardThis link leads to Home page provide accessible and reliable solutions for improved sleep health.

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FAQs About Our Home Sleep Test

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