Are You a Candidate for Invisalign® in Seattle, WA?

The clear way to straighten your teeth.

What Is Invisalign®?

Our invisible aligners are comfortable, discreet, and removable!

Woman applying her Invisalign trays.

Want to achieve a straight smile without metal braces? Invisalign® in Ballard uses custom clear aligners made of flexible plastic to straighten all types of teeth. It’s the perfect orthodontic treatment for teens and adults wanting a straight smile quickly and discreetly.

The innovative orthodontic system fixes:

  • Overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites
  • Gaps in teeth, crowding, irregular spacing
  • Misaligned baby and permanent teeth

At your complimentary Invisalign® consultation at Smile Ballard, we go over your needs and goals, plus show you a preview of what your finished smile may look like. It’s easy to get started but has the power to change your entire life!

Invisalign vs. Braces

See why patients prefer clear aligners!


Invisalign aligners are clear, thin, and custom-made to fit seamlessly on your teeth.


Invisalign's exclusive SmartTrack material makes its aligners more comfortable, easy to put on and off, and straighten your teeth predictably.


Because you change your aligners at home, Invisalign requires far fewer visits to the office than traditional braces.


Take your aligners out to eat, drink, brush, and floss as usual.


Invisalign treatments are often faster than braces!


Invisalign costs and dental insurance coverage are similar to braces.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this real patient’s Invisalign story!

Digital Dentistry with Invisalign®

Using the iTero® Element™ scanner, our Seattle dentist can create accurate 3D models of your mouth for precise planning and predicting treatment results!

Say goodbye to old putty-filled impression trays! Our Seattle cosmetic dentist uses a 3D digital scanning process for a faster, more comfortable, and more accurate way to take impressions to map out your treatment plan.

You can breathe or swallow normally, and we can even pause if you need to ask a question. 3D imaging benefits include:

  • No messy goop or gag to worry about

  • Fast, comfortable, accurate impressions

  • More predictable planning and results

  • Let’s you see a simulation of anticipated treatment progression

  • Also used for other treatments like a dental implant procedure

‘‘From the moment I began the Invisalign process to the placement of 5 beautiful new crowns, my experience at Smile Ballard has been fantastic! The office staff is both courteous and cheerful, which enhances the office visit experience! Dr. Curalli is extremely knowledgeable, caring, gentle, and highly skilled in his profession. I have always been terrified about visiting the dentist but have finally conquered that fear.’’

Susan C. Actual Patient.

Invisalign®: FAQs

Common questions (and answers!) about Invisalign®.

  • Which costs more, braces or Invisalign®?
    Invisalign® clear aligners generally cost about the same as traditional metal braces. But, of course, every case is unique, so we’ll be happy to provide a complete cost comparison when you come in for your Invisalign® consultation in Ballard, WA.
  • Is Invisalign® covered by insurance?

    Most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign® orthodontic treatments, just as they would traditional metal braces. To verify your coverage, please call us at (206) 784-6310.

  • Does Invisalign® hurt?
    Invisalign® aligners are comfortable and made of flexible, custom-fit plastic trays. The trays fit snugly over your teeth and gums without irritating the inside of your mouth like metal braces.

    During your orthodontic treatment, they gently apply pressure on your teeth and gradually move them into alignment. You may feel slight discomfort when switching to a new set of aligners, but this discomfort is short-lived for most patients. Some easily manage this with over-the-counter pain medication.

  • Are you accepting new patients?

    Yes, we’re always accepting new patients for all of our dental services and Invisalign® in Seattle.

    Our office is located in Ballard and serves communities across Seattle, including Greenwood, Queen Anne, West Seattle, Fremont, Northgate, Shoreline, and Magnolia.

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