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The Top 3 Surprising Reasons Why Straight Teeth Matter

Are you considering straightening your smile with orthodontic treatment? You have good reason to invest in yourself! A recent study revealed that almost 80% of patients who completed orthodontic treatment felt that teeth straightening was one of the most life-changing decisions that they ever made. For most teens and adults, the primary motivation to correct […]

Invisalign Will Help You Find Your Best Smile!

We all want the best! Invisalign® has become one of the most sought after ways to straighten teeth and help people find their best smile. Why do so many choose Invisalign® treatment? How long does treatment take? How much will it cost? These and other questions are answered in our blog post. Read on to the […]

Love to Hate Winter

Dark and grey skies can contribute to seasonal affected disorder.

  Here in Seattle, after all the trees and lights are taken down from the holidays we are left with a lot of gloom. Our days are short, dark, and dreary. The darkness of the Pacific Northwest in the winter can cause seasonal depression (or seasonal affected disorder, SAD for short) for a lot of people. […]