The Nomad Pro: Digital x-rays

dental assistant working on a dental x-ray for Dr. Curalli

Have you had your x-rays taken recently at our office? You’ve probably noticed a couple new things…we now have a Nomad Pro which looks like a radar gun and we may be trying to cite you for a speeding ticket. Fear not! We are just taking a digital x-ray! You no longer need to leave the comfort of your own seat. Everything comes to you in a matter of seconds.

We are trying to ease your experience and make coming to the dentist as pleasant as possible. By having the Nomad we are providing you with a quick and easy digital x-ray experience that is safe and low in radiation. This provides more comfort for our patients because we are in the room with you while receiving digital x-rays, holding the Nomad, and are quickly able to remove the censor from your mouth.

Digital x-rays gives us immediate results and we no longer have to keep the patient waiting while we develop x-rays. It makes for a smoother and faster dental visit!

We think the Nomad is exceptional for digital x-rays not only for the patients safety but also for ours too. It makes our job a lot easier having a machine that is quick and convenient to use. If you are looking to get some new x-rays and want to come try the Nomad for your digital x-ray experience, give us a call!

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