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Love to Hate Winter

Dark and grey skies can contribute to seasonal affected disorder.


Here in Seattle, after all the trees and lights are taken down from the holidays we are left with a lot of gloom. Our days are short, dark, and dreary.

The darkness of the Pacific Northwest in the winter can cause seasonal depression (or seasonal affected disorder, SAD for short) for a lot of people. We wanted to come up with some helpful ideas to get you out of this winter funk and keep you happy and healthy until spring comes to lift you up again.

  • Take vitamin D to boost your mood, and of course please consult your doctor before deciding which dose would benefit you.
  • Get a light therapy box (AKA a happy light!). This light tries to “mimic” the light of the sun giving you a boost.
  • Get a winter hobby! Skiing/snowboarding can be very beneficial for seasonal depression getting you outside and moving.
  • Plan vacations for the winter so you can leave the sunshine behind and hit up some much needed warm weather.
  • Try yoga or meditation.
  • Remember to stay active and hydrated, this will help relieve some non-needed stress.
  • And finally, consult your doctor if you need any extra help.
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