The Interview


Lyndsay has been one of our hygienists for almost four years. We decided it’d be fun to ask her some questions so we can get to know her. Here we go!

  • Okay Lyndsay, tell us a little about yourself?
    • I am 27, I have a corgi and I am engaged to be married in October!
  • What is your favorite part about being a Hygienist?
    • I love getting to know our patients and meet new people everyday!  I also love helping people keep and maintain great oral-health.
  • What do you love about working in Ballard?
    • I lived on Market St. for two years and I loved getting to try all the fun restaurants and being able to walk to work.
  • What do you think sets Smile Ballard apart from other offices?
    • The amount of time we spend with each patient. We really strive to get to know our patients and give the best care possible.
  • What is your favorite hang out spot in Ballard?
    • Anything at Matador!! And Kangaroo and Kiwi for the chicken strips.
  • What do you do when you’re not at work?
    • I hang out with my corgi and I like to go to new restaurants with my friends and family.
  • Where could we find you hanging out this summer?
    • I will be spending most of the summer outside in the yard or driving over the mountains to Lake Chelan.
  • Isn’t there something really exciting coming up in your life? 
    • Yes! Like I already mentioned…I AM GETTING MARRIED! IN BALLARD!

You can get to know Lyndsay more by making an appointment to get your teeth cleaned 🙂

One thought on “The Interview
  1. Margy

    Lyndsay is the best hygienist!!
    I love her spirit, kindness and charm.

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